Frequency convertеrs Aer Curat DI-500 560K0



The Aer Curat frequency converters (or simply – inverters) are designed to smoothly control the speed of asynchronous motors, using the property of transforming single-phase voltage with a constant frequency into three-phase voltage of the variable frequency.
Frequency converters optimize the operation of mechanisms in different operating modes and provide: smooth start of the electric drive, continious speed control, the operation of the mechanism with any required speed, contactless reverse, braking. Scope of the use of frequency converters: woodworking, chemical, textile, food industry, utilities, pulp and paper, cable and metallurgical production, machine building, machine-tool construction, and other industries.
When producing data converters, modern technologies and equipment, import element base are used. This allows us to ensure high quality products at competitive prices.

Additional information

Weight 192 kg
Dimensions 550 × 945 × 13 mm

Power (kW)


I (A)


Количество фаз на входе


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