Centrifugal fans Aer Curat DDKT 2.0A (380В/0.12 – 6P)



Centrifugal fan adopts an energy-saving low-noise impeller and is driven by engine directly. The design of the case facilitates the installation of the fan on a concrete, brick wall or on a bracket. The cover is durable in construction and nice in appearance. The fan is mainly used for ventilation in workshop and commercial construction. The fan is quite versatile, characterized by high efficiency and low noise. The air transported through it should not contain any flammable, corrosive substances at a temperature of -20 ° C – 60 ° C, dust, grain (their concentration should not exceed 100 mg / m³).

Additional information

Dimensions 360 × 348 × 403 mm
производительность (м³/час)


количество фаз

частотный преобразователь

PST (Pa)


Power (KW)



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